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(INACTIVE) Enterprise Infrastructure Operations & Project Intake

EIS General Request Intake


Academic Software Applications

Teaching and Learning Technologies along with various departments has purchased several software packages for use by the entire university system. These applications are being used by faculty and students to enhance existing courses through the use of computer technology.

Access Questions

Account and Password Help

Help with your accounts, passwords, and multi-factor authentication.

Account Security Modifications/Clean-up

Add a Degree Code

Add Application to Software Center in ConfigMgr

The university provides an automated software update and installation service for all computers running Microsoft Windows and being managed by Configuration Manager.

If you need to install an application that is not in the Software Center catalog, complete this form to suggest a new software package to be considered for distribution.

Add or Modify Banner HR Security Class

Adjunct Faculty Hire

Admissions Events and Report Requests

This form is to be used for UNH departments to request data on incoming and/or prospective students.

Adobe Subscription Provisioning

UNH faculty and staff may request Adobe product subscriptions.

Apple Device Management

USNH uses Jamf Pro, an IT and asset management system, to manage all of its institutionally-purchased Apple computers and iPad fleet.


AssetWorks is enterprise administrative software supporting the creation and maintenance of Facilities and Asset data.


Banner 9 Finance and Human Resources Training Request

Banner 9 Implementation

Banner Finance

Banner Finance is an administrative application that supports the financial reporting needs of USNH.

Banner Finance Project Request

Work requests for Financial Information Systems like Banner Finance.

Banner Finance Workflow

Banner Workflow is workflow management software which helps facilitate the flow of information, approvals, and notifications based on specific business events.

Banner HR Workflow

Banner Workflow is workflow management software which helps facilitate the flow of information, approvals, and notifications based on specific business events.

Banner HR/Payroll

Administrative application software that supports all aspects of hiring, compensation, benefits, and position budgeting for all USNH employees.

Banner Student & Workflow

Banner Student is enterprise administrative software supporting the creation and maintenance of student and alumni related data at the University of New Hampshire, Granite State College, and Plymouth State University.

Boomi Requests

Boomi is a software environment used for automating various tasks such as file transfers and data feeds. Please use this form for new requests.

Boomi Support/Maintenance

Boomi is a software environment used for automating various tasks such as file transfers and data feeds. Please use this form to report issues, request updates to existing processes, or schedule maintenance.

Business Relationship Management

Consulting services include researching existing technology products, vendor review/selection and assistance developing a long term software support model.

BusinesSolver related question


C&M Project Request

To request communications or marketing support please fill out the following form with as much detail as possible. If you are requesting promotional work or advice, let us know the event dates, overall goals, partners involved, and resources needed. A MarCom person will be assigned to work with you.

If you need help with this form, contact Romy Eberle,

Cable TV at Plymouth

Each Plymouth State residence hall room includes one cable television jack. Students need to bring their own television and coaxial cable.

Canvas (myCourses)

Canvas is a well-designed, streamlined Learning Management System (LMS) that focuses on saving time and effort, so that faculty and students can focus on the course content and not the tool allowing for a greater focus on teaching and an easier, more consistent experience for students.

Canvas at Keene

Canvas is Keene State’s learning management system, used by students and faculty to access course materials and check their progress in their course.

Canvas Extend

Help with courses that are offered to those within and outside the University system. This is not the webform for traditional course offerings.

CaPS Data Request

This form is meant to collect Career and Professional success data requests. Requests will be reviewed within 48 hours.

CaPS Events and Student Programming Request

This form is meant to collect new and existing Career and Professional Success-hosted events and program requests. Requests will be reviewed within 48 hours. Event and program confirmations are dependent on CaPS and other UNH department capacity.

CaPS Marketing Collateral Request

This form is meant to collect Career and Professional Success marketing collateral requests that are not related to events or programming. Requests will be reviewed within 48 hours.

Please provide as much detail as possible.

CaPS Technology Account and Enhancement Request

Please use this form to submit account and enhancement requests for all CaPS technology including Handshake, Wildcat Connections, VMock, and Interview Stream.

Central Printing

Central Printing Servers are available to staff and faculty to provide centralized printing queues that are easily accessible while on campus or on the VPN. Printers can be added to a Windows machine quickly and efficiently.

Change an HR Business Process

Client Support Tools

Tools for providing first and second level support to clients and users. Tools include CRS and BeyondTrust.

Cloud Storage & Filesharing

Cloud Storage & Filesharing services enable you to store, collaborate, and share information; it can be accessed through your computer, phone or tablet. You can upload content, organize files, share links to files, manage file and folder permissions as well as collaborate with colleagues both inside and outside the University System anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Colleague at Keene State

Student Information Systems (SIS) are enterprise administrative software which supports the creation and maintenance of student-related data. Keene State College uses Colleague.

College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) Technical Support

CHHS Tech Support provides technical assistance to faculty, staff, lecturers, adjuncts and graduate teaching assistants in the College of Health & Human Services.

Community Mailing Lists

ET&S maintains a mailing list server to support the creation of opt-in community mailing lists.

Compensation Analyst

Compensation Upload Request/Question

Compensation XL

Computer Lab Management

Enterprise Technology & Services provides support, management, and services for computers in classroom and departmental lab spaces.

Computer Purchasing Account

Request an account for institutional computing purchases.

Computer Purchasing Program Feedback

Submit feedback regarding your experience using USNH's Computer Purchasing Program.

Constituent Relationship Management

The Constituent Relationship Management service (CRM) enables our business to administer its interactions with current and future constituents. At our institutions, the CRM vision is to create efficient and effective business processes across all business units so that a singular view of a constituent is possible.

Content Edit/Updates

Contract Management and Submission

Submit contracts for review by USNH Procurement Contract manager.

*Do not post any restricted information in this request, for example social security numbers (SSNs) or date of birth (DOB).

COVID-19 Data Warehouse

The COVID-19 Data Warehouse team supports myWildcat Pass, COVID-19 data reporting and data feeds, and webforms to support COVID-19 operations.

CS 415/416 Support

For students currently in CS 415/416 to submit questions or support requests to the instructors and teaching assistants. Note: Students who cannot log in should contact UNH IT at or by calling 603-862-4242.

Cybersecurity Exceptions

Request an exception - ie., barricade patch management, policy/standard compliance, unsupported OS, etc.

Cybersecurity Incident Management

The Cybersecurity Operations team is available to assist in responding to and investigating events and incidents that may have information security implications (e.g. Red Flag, Compromised Account, Unauthorized Access, etc.)

Cybersecurity Training

Request Cybersecurity training for staff or faculty members.


Data Center Operations

Data Center Operations supports multiple Data Centers throughout USNH. Our primary Data Center is fully monitored, generator-backed, and offers secure hosting service for servers, storage systems and other hardware that require either high availability and/or security. We offer High Performance Compute clusters for research throughout USNH.

Data Visualization (Tableau)

Tableau data visualization software helps you connect to data and use it to create interactive, sharable dashboards.

Data, Analytics, and Reporting

The Center for Data, Analytics, and Technology Alliance (DATA) coordinates the intake of data projects and requests for information, and supports services and solutions to enable data-driven decision making by providing reporting, data visualization and discovery tools, predictive analytics, and analysis and research.


Deduction Questions

Degree Works

Degree Works is the degree evaluation and audit tool offered to students, faculty, and advisors at the University of New Hampshire and Plymouth State University to view progress toward degree completion.

Desktop Support

Desktop Support provides hardware and software support to all USNH faculty and staff. We service all Windows and Apple laptops and desktops, as well as tablets and phones.

Destiny One

This form is used by UNH departments for support/troubleshooting, training, feature requests, and creating event registration for public and paid events, including professional development, corporate training, youth programs and summer camps.

Digital Badge (Micro-credential)

This form is used by UNH departments/programs to propose, issue, or support UNH Digital badges.

Digital Governance

Digital Governance provides a set of guidelines and standards for the UNH digital presence. This includes websites, mobile, social media, UNH TV, and other Internet and web-enabled services.

Digital Signage

UNH TV hosts a series of display devices across the UNH Durham and Manchester campuses, designed to display informational content including digital posters, movies, social media, and emergency alerts via a single central portal.

Direct Deposit

Directed Communication

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Directed Communication tool is available for approved users to send mass emails to faculty, staff, and students at UNH.

Directory Services

Directory Services offers technical support staff the ability to add, change, or otherwise manage computers and user groups within USNH's various computing directories.

Document Management

Document management solutions enable the campuses to be less reliant on paper, and help streamline business processes.

Document Management Project Request

Project work-related requests for the Document Management applications, including ApplicationXtender, Axiom/AnyDoc, and Banner Document Retention.


DocuSign allows groups to create electronic documents and then collect e-signatures on them.

Duplicate Identity Records


Edit/Update an HR Form

Edit/Update HR Account Access

EIS General Request Intake

Enterprise Infrastructure Services General Request Intake

Electronic Equipment Disposal (SEED)

The UNH IT Safe Electronic Equipment Disposal (SEED) program provides for the disposal of UNH-owned surplus electronic equipment.


Email is a collaboration and messaging application. Users can access email using MS Outlook on their computer, mobile device, or via the web using O365.

Email Address Questions

Employee Job and Position Changes

To make changes to an employee’s job or position information, including FTE changes, Job Location changes, TS Org changes, Contract Date changes, and other such requests.

Employee Record Updates

Employee Recruitment Assistance

Managing supervisors may request assistance in recruiting to fill a position, or with the hiring/selection process.

Employee Resignation/Terminations

To notify HR of employee resignations, retirements, and terminations.

EMS Desktop Client

The EMS Desktop Client Software is used by campus space owners/administrators and event service providers to manage requests submitted for space.

EMS Event Services Portal

The EMS Event Services Portal is the website used by the campus community to request campus space for meetings and events, and to request event services such as parking.

Enterprise Advancement IT

For submitting issue, report and enhancement requests to Enterprise Advancement IT related to Trax, iModules, Tableau, WebI and other EAIT supported systems.

Enterprise Application Hosting

Application hosting of various Enterprise Applications in support of the USNH business, student, and faculty community.

Enterprise Encryption Services

UNH offers IT managed enterprise encryption solution for the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. There is no cost to encrypt computers for UNH/USNH employees.

Enterprise Infrastructure Services - General Request Form

This form is for ET&S Staff only

EPAF Issues

EPAF Upload Issues

ET&S Admin Requests

Use this form to schedule meetings and interviews, pay for conference and travel, request new equipment, request new or updated contracts, or for PeopleAdmin

Events Calendar

The UNH Events Calendar is UNH’s main resource for event information. Schools, departments, offices, and student organizations post events happening at UNH to the Events Calendar.

Exam Scanning

The UNH Exam Scanning service

External Data Request


Facility Maintenance Request for Campus Recreation

Facility Maintenance Request for Memorial Union Building (MUB)

Faculty Activity Reporting

myElements is a research information system. It automatically collects information related to research and scholarship using open data sources and licensed library databases.

Faculty Supplemental Pay

(short description needed)

File Feeds

File Transfer Services

File Transfer Services (FTS) provides the transfer of enterprise production data to and from known vendors or USNH departments. Incoming data is processed into the Enterprise Systems and outgoing data is processed by vendors or administrative offices at USNH.

Firewall Services

Telecommunications and Network Services operate and manage Internet and department level firewalls to control the incoming and outgoing network traffic by analyzing the data packets and determining whether they should be allowed, based on UNH security policies.


General Cybersecurity Services

The Cybersecurity Operations team provides leadership in establishing technology, policies, standards and practices to enhance information security for USNH.

General HR Support

To request general support from the HR department. You may also contact your HR Business Partner or call your HR department.

General Procurement Inquiries and Requests

For general questions of the USNH Procurement Offices. Not sure how to begin? Use this form and one of our knowledgeable procurement managers will contact you.

*Do not post any restricted information in this request, for example social security numbers (SSNs) or date of birth (DOB).

Get Technology Help

Enterprise Technology & Services is committed to helping the students, faculty, staff, parents, and guests of Granite State College, Keene State College, Plymouth State University, the University of New Hampshire, and the USNH System Office.

Find out how to get technology help from ET&S.

Granite State College (GSC) IT Help

Information technology support for Granite State College students, faculty, and staff.

Granite State ePortfolio (Chalk & Wire)

Granite State College offers Chalk & Wire as its ePortfolio, an electronic collection of evidence that portrays your learning journey over time.

Grant Submission

Use this form to notify the CHHS Research Office of your intent to submit a grant or contract. Upon completion of this form, the applicant should contact their pre-award grant and contract administrator to develop the budget and submission plan. See complete list of GCAs here:

GSC Instructional Design

Instructional design services are available to all faculty to enhance the quality of their teaching and support the effective use of instructional technology in their courses.

GSC Learning Solutions

GSC Learning Solutions helps business and industry partners to design, develop, and deliver custom online training, instruction, and innovative professional development.

GSC Network Services

Request assistance with internet access at Granite State College, including the wireless available at all of our campus locations.

GSC Phone Services

Nextiva is the deskphone system used at Granite State College. You can use the Nextiva Portal to access many of the features available on your deskphone such as voice mail and call forwarding.

GSC Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Networking allows authorized users access to secure GSC networks from non-secure networks such as the internet.


Hands on Classrooms

UNH Teaching & Learning Technologies maintains classroom-sized computer-per-seat facilities in Hewitt Hall, Kingsbury Hall, and the Memorial Union Building for demonstrations or hands-on computer training for both academic classes and non-academic events.

HCGS Requests

Hospitality & Campus Services

Hospitality and Campus Services - IT Division supports everything that is Point of Sale, Dining Hall entry (turnstile/finger scanning), AMC (Cats Cache deposit machines), and Campus Services

Housing - Technical Support for Staff

HR Account Access Issues

HR Background Check

Request an HR Background Check.

HR Project Request

Work requests for Human Resources Information Systems like Banner HR.


I already completed training but am getting prompted to repeat

Identity and Access Systems Administration

Identity and Access provides services to system owners including: access request and approval workflows for specific systems, access tracking and deprovisioning notifications, addition of single sign-on and multifactor authentication to University systems, identity management tools for service desk technicians.

iLearnNH Support

iLearnNH is committed to providing quality support and training to K-12 districts and alternative education programs across the state of New Hampshire, including support with Canvas, Zoom, and Kaltura.

InCommon SSL Website Certificates

In partnership with InCommon, Enterprise Technology & Services offers unlimited security certificates at no cost to websites affiliated with UNH, USNH, UNH Manchester, Granite State College, UNH Law, Keene State College, and Plymouth State University.

InfoBurst Account Request

PLEASE NOTE: Before requesting an InfoBurst account you must have a WebIntelligence (WebI) account and a business need to schedule reports. To learn more about WebI please visit

Instructional Continuity

There are many technology resources available to provide instructional continuity for your classes when moving from face to face to online modality for a period of time. Access resources, training, support, and request consultations.

Instructional Design

Instructional design services are available to all faculty to enhance the quality of their teaching and support the effective use of instructional technology in their courses.

Internal Data Request

IOD Technology Purchases

Use this page to submit any and all IOD technology purchase requests.

IT Depot

The IT Depot provides guidance on computer purchases, liaison and depot repair services, a laptop loaner program, referrals for repairs, basic diagnostics, and fee-based software services.

IT Service Management

IT Service Management (ITSM) is comprised of processes and tools that support consistent delivery of IT services to the USNH community.


Job Scheduling

This service focuses on production job scheduling and monitoring, mainly through AppMan, and supports Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) and administrative departments.


KSC Adobe Creative Cloud License

Creative Cloud is a great place to start any creative project. Licenses for this software are only available to faculty/staff. Students have access to this software through labs where it is installed.

Complete this form to request a Creative Cloud license. Once the form is submitted, you will get an email from Adobe with details on how to claim your license.

KSC Colleague Viewer Access Request

Colleague Information System Accounts are issued to KSC employees upon request. The account is to be used only by the staff, faculty, or student worker to whom the account is assigned, and only to perform administrative or advising duties as related to the employee’s position at KSC.

KSC Computer Equipment & Phone Moves

Changing offices may require that computer systems, peripherals and telephone jacks/numbers be relocated or activated.

KSC Loaners & Equipment Requests

Media equipment is available for circulation and may be used without charge by the faculty, staff and students of Keene State College for academic purposes. 

The Help Desk at Keene State has a small inventory of computers available on a temporary basis for faculty and staff to be used for emergencies or special requests.

KSC Network Services

Use this form to request activation of an existing network jack or installation of a new network jack.

KSC Phone Services

Use this form to report an issue with a Blue Light phone or make a phone jack request.

KSC Remote Access Request

The KSC Remote Access/VPN solution was developed to protect KSC data within the KSC network. It enables authorized users secure/encrypted access to the KSC network and to KSC IT resources. It is implemented using the Pulse Secure client software for both PC and Mac OSX users.

KSC Sponsored Account

The KSC Sponsored Account request process is intended for use by KSC faculty and staff who are sponsoring a guest who need access to campus network resources for a short period of time.

KSC Student Q Drive Access

Request access for a Keene State College (KSC) student worker whose job responsibility requires access to information located on the Q drive &/or for them to login with a unique profile to a faculty/staff workstation. The student will not be able to access faculty/staff documents or email and will not be able to install any software.

KSC Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The KSC Remote Access/VPN solution was developed to protect KSC data within the KSC network. It enables authorized users secure/encrypted access to the KSC network and to KSC IT resources. It is implemented using the Pulse Secure client software for both PC and Mac OSX users.


Lean Consultation

Our services focus on Lean facilitation, training, mentorship, and consultation needed to successfully manage strategically aligned Lean projects.

Learning Space Systems & Design Consultation

Our professional staff will work with you to plan and design an effective audiovisual system for your facility.

Learning Space Technology Support

Report a problem or ask a question regarding technology in a classroom or learning space.

Leave and Disability Information Request

For questions related to leave and disability.

Leave Reporting

Lecture Capture

Lecture capture is an umbrella term describing any technology that lets instructors digitally record their lectures (using audio and/or video, screen capture, or PowerPoint slides) and make those recordings available to students.

Liberal Arts (COLA) Tech Support

Technical support for the College of Liberal Arts (COLA) is provided by the UNH Desktop Support team.

Linkedin Learning

Local File Storage

Enterprise Technology & Services provides file sharing and storage for individuals and workgroups, using desktops and all major mobile computing platforms.


Manchester DCS Mass Email

The UNH Manchester IT department sends Directed Communication Emails on behalf of departments to Manchester students.

Marketing Request for Campus Recreation & MUB

Microsoft 365 Support

Enterprise Technology & Services is developing support for Microsoft Integrated Services (MIS) Microsoft 365 (email, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams) as part of our work to consolidate the Microsoft environment across all of our USNH institutions. This consolidation will provide an environment that seamlessly supports sharing files and collaborating among all USNH institution members. MIS includes Email, OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint. These applications also support creating and sharing files with products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Microsoft is providing training for USNH customers.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found here-

Use the “Request Support” button to the right for questions regarding the Microsoft Integrated Services Transi

Microsoft Office 365 (O365)

Microsoft Office 365 (O365) is a subscription program through Microsoft that allows you to install the latest version of its popular productivity suite, Microsoft Office, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other programs, on a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.

Microsoft Office 365 Additional License Provisioning

Faculty and staff may request additional Office 365 licenses such as Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, Power BI, or access to free Windows Server Standard.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365 that makes it easy to have conversations, share files and collaborate on documents, and get work done with teams across the organization.

Military and Veteran - Inquiry for UNH Department

For UNH departments only.

Military and Veteran Services Support for Parents, Other Representatives, and Prospective/Inbound UNH Students

For Parents, Other Representatives, and Prospective/Inbound UNH Students to request support from Military and Veteran Services office.

Military and Veteran Services Support for Students

For Students to request support from Military and Veteran Services office.

Mobile App Development

The Web & Mobile Development group creates application software for handheld devices.

Moodle at Granite

Granite State uses Moodle, a web-based learning management system for delivering course content and learning activities online.

Moodle at Plymouth

Moodle is a web-based learning management system used at Plymouth State University. Instructors can use it to post their syllabus, any other course materials, or communicate with students.


MyAccount is the USNH password change and account claiming tool.

MyKSC Portal

MyKSC is the official KSC student Web portal. It’s the place where students have access to a link for their Office 365 e-mail accounts, campus announcements, register for courses, pay tuition, access class transcripts and grades, and review class schedules. Any KSC affliated Department or student organization/club may post an announcements for students using this form.

myPlymouth Portal

myPlymouth is the portal that Plymouth State University provides you to access our collection of electronic services.

myUNH Portal

The myUNH Portal is a central location for all UNH Faculty, Staff, and Students to gain access to campus-wide information, announcements, and resources.


Navigation Questions

NetworkNH Wide Area Network

NetworkNH operates and manages Internet services for the University System of New Hampshire and several other non-profits throughout the state.

New Employee Set-Up (Keene State/KSC)

For new Keene State College employee user accounts and access to the network and campus network drives.

New HR Account Request

New or Changed Configuration Request

New Position Request

To request the creation of a new position.

NVivo Subscription Provisioning

Faculty and staff may request subscriptions for NVivo.


One Leavitt Lane Building Access

Request access to One Leavitt Lane or report issues with existing access.

Other Compensation related Request

Other HR Production Request/Question

Other Payroll Related Questions

Other PeopleAdmin Issues

Other Questions

Other Requests

Other Training Requests


Parent Portal

The Parent Portal service is a self service application enabling student-authorized users to view billing account information, financial aid, grades, and make payments.

Part-Time Adjunct Hire

To hire part-time adjunct staff working less than 20 hours per week.


myPortal (Pathify) provides a central location for all USNH students, faculty, and staff to gain access to campus specific information, announcements and resources based on, and branded to, their unique institution and role.
It can be reached at

Personal Web Pages (myPages)

myPages is a free website building tool available to students, faculty, and staff at the University of New Hampshire.

Plymouth State Blogs

Plymouth State University offers students, faculty, and staff their own space on the Internet to start sharing their voice with the world.

Plymouth State ePortfolio (Mahara)

Plymouth State offers Mahara, a fully featured electronic portfolio, weblog, resume builder and social networking system, connecting users and creating online communities.

Plymouth State Equipment Depot

The EQ is a service that allows PSU students, staff, and faculty to borrow laptops, media production equipment, and more.

Plymouth State Tech Order

Purchasing process for all university technology purchases using PSU or Grant monies.

Portable Equipment Loan

Learning Space Technologies has a large catalog of portable audiovisual equipment for your course or course requirement.

Process Improvement

By examining a process with the objective of creating efficiencies that optimize the customer's value and experience, the organization will gain speed of delivery and reduce risks to quality, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Project Management Consultation

The Project Management Office provides various services to assist USNH departments in providing effective process, portfolio, and project management.

PSU Marketing Project Request

To help us meet your needs and understand the full scope of your project, please complete the work request form. Communications & Marketing will contact you once we have received and reviewed your work request to schedule a planning meeting, if necessary. Communications & Marketing receives many new work requests each week and must allocate our resources toward those projects that most directly support PSU's mission, goals, and initiatives. If we're unable to fulfill your request, we'll do our best to suggest alternative avenues for production. Turnaround time on requests depends on the length and complexity of your request and Communications & Marketing current work queue. Thank you.

PSU Network Services

Plymouth State offers wireless and wired network connectivity for your devices.

PSU Phone Services

Plymouth State University offers phone services, including telephone access, voicemail, and call forwarding.

PSU Print Depot

Make a request to the Plymouth State Print Depot.

PSU Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to connect securely to a remote network via the Internet. This is especially important if you are traveling and using an unfamiliar network (I.e. airports, coffee shops, etc.) PSU maintains a VPN so that employees can access files, applications, printers, and other resources on the office network without compromising security.

Public Printing

Find out more about public printing on the USNH campuses.

Public Records Request

In compliance with state law, the University System of New Hampshire provides access to public records, as defined by RSA 91-A: . Please refer to RSA 91-A to be sure that your information request falls under this state law.

* If you would like information regarding one of our campuses, courses or degrees offered, please contact the Outreach and Enrollment Center:

Public Safety IT Consulting

Video cameras that are installed at the University of New Hampshire for safety and law enforcement purposes and video data from such cameras must comply with the Public Safety Video Camera System (PSVCS) standard.


Request a Modification to a USNH HR Production Project

Request a New USNH HR Production Project

Request Access to Wireless "Events" Network

To request this service, please fill out the following form with the name, phone number and email of the event contact, the specific buildings and locations the event will take place, and the duration of the event.

Request for new/edited Position Class (PCLS)

Request YubiKey

In rare circumstances, a YubiKey may be necessary. A YubiKey is a small hardware token that can be used as a second factor. Enterprise Technology & Services has a limited number of YubiKeys that fit USB 2.0/USB 3.0 ports on a computer or docking station offered on a first come, first serve basis for business reasons such as grant-related or legal restrictions on using a personal device for work. If a YubiKey is necessary for you to perform work, you may request one at this form. Please note that the YubiKey is university property.

If you need a YubiKey that does not meet the above specifications (for example, if you only have USB-C ports), YubiKeys may be purchased from major technology retailers on uShopNH.

Requested Testing

Re-run Compensation Process

Research Computing Center

The Research Computing Center (RCC) offers support services for your Information Technology (IT) related research proposal requirements. RCC can assist with hardware specifications, vendor quotes, data management plans, facilities documents, cyberinfrastructure plans, and letters of support. For post-award, RCC offers a variety of services including data management (storage & backups), high performance computing (HPC), project website development, software development, training, scientific computing, virtual reality, systems administration, network administration and cybersecurity. RCC supports applications managed by the Office of Research, Economic Engagement, and Outreach (REEO), including Cayuse, InfoEd , myElements, and FindScholars.

Retroactive Earnings

Risk Assessment

An IT risk assessment is a thorough look at your IT system to identify software, hardware, situations, processes, etc. that may cause harm to your system. After identification is made, an analysis and evaluation is conducted to see how likely and severe the risk is. When this determination is made, a further investigation is conducted to decide what measures should be in place to effectively eliminate or control the harm from happening. Request a Risk Assessment of an USNH IT system if you suspect it may be at risk.


School Record Updates

Security Assessment Review (SAR) - 3rd Party

Technology Vendors who may be contracted to provide IT services to The University System of New Hampshire or USNH institutions must demonstrate compliance with applicable USNH policies and/or regulatory standards by completing a Security Assessment Review.

SEO & Analytics

Web & Mobile Development provides website analytics and search engine optimization (SEO) services.

Server Creation

For System Administrators to request new servers/VMs

Service Management Updates

Detailed instructions for Service updates

Service Offerings

TEst for service offering


Microsoft SharePoint is a web based communication and collaboration tool that is tightly integrated with other Microsoft M365 cloud applications.

Sourcing Initiation Request

Initiate a Sourcing Event with Procurement (formerly known as a Bid Process).

Special Event Support

Learning Space Technologies provides audiovisual production for events of all sizes and scopes. Special Events include all non-USNH Course events.

Standard Computer Model Exception

USNH provides a set of standard computer models available for purchase. For instances where the standards do not meet business requirements, you may request an exception.

Streaming Media Hosting

Kaltura can be used to stream audio/video to your students, and have them upload their own streaming audio and video.

Student Hiring

To hire a student into a student hourly or work-study position.

Student Information Services Project Request

Work requests for the Student Information Services applications.

Student Preferred Name Display

UNH Students may indicate a preferred first name that will appear in documents internal to UNH.

Please use this form only if you have designated a Preferred First Name with the UNH Registrar and it is not used/displayed somewhere you feel it should be.

Student Response System (iClickers)

Student Response Systems provide real-time polling capabilities in the classroom via dedicated "clicker" hardware, the use of mobile devices, or a web application.

Student Success Management System

Navigate provides services for students to connect with advisors and faculty. This tool provides the opportunity for advisors and student support personnel to document and track student progress towards goals. Key features include scheduling and managing student appointments with advisors and faculty.

Submit a Keene State Technology Request

The Help Desk at Keene State provides a wide range of technology services and support for the students, faculty, and staff of Keene State College.

Submit a Plymouth State Technology Request

Submit a request to the Help Desk at Plymouth State University.

Submit a Technology Request

Submit a technology request online and receive a response within one business day.

Submit Technology Feedback

The Enterprise Technology & Services team invites feedback to help us with our efforts towards continuous process improvement.

Suggest Update to Employee Options for Gender Identity, Pronouns

USNH recognizes that the options available for gender identity and personal pronouns will require occasional updates, and welcomes your suggestions. Note: Please do not submit personal information on this form. If you wish to discuss a personal matter, please contact your HR partner or your campus Diversity Office. To update your Professional or Chosen Name, Gender Identity, or Personal Pronouns, edit your employee profile following the instructions at:

Supervisor Update

To update an employee's Supervisor and/or Time Approver.

Supplier/Provider Contact Form for USNH Procurement

Current and prospective Suppliers and Providers of services/goods to USNH institutions may use this form to ask a question or submit requested information to USNH Procurement.

*Do not post any restricted information in this request, for example social security numbers (SSNs) or date of birth (DOB).

Surplus Equipment

Survey Center Application


System and Database Administration (SADA) Work Request

This is a service request for routine work needed by the System and Database Administration teams.

System Outage

System Outage

System Speed


Teaching & Learning Resource Hub

Report issues or make suggestions on the Teaching and Learning Resource Hub.

Teaching Evaluations

Teaching and course evaluations are used to gather valuable student feedback and support a positive learning experience.

TeamDynamix Application

TeamDynamix (TDx) is available USNH-wide to all departments and is UNH's official project and portfolio management tool. TeamDynamix has also proven to be a valuable resource in helping many USNH departments meet their Enterprise Service Management needs.

Technology Communications

Technology Communications provides timely planning and distribution of user-friendly technology-related news & information for the USNH community.

Technology Selection and Purchase

The Technology Selection and Purchase process helps connect your business needs with existing technology solutions, saving your valuable time and maximizing resources. Use the Submit a Request link to ask a question about this process, request assistance in technology selection, or initiate a request for a technology purchase.


Short description here

Tuition Benefit Questions


UNH Employee Data Report

UNH Grad School Marketing Request

UNH Grad School Technology Support Request

UNH Grad School Website Update Request

UNH Law Tech Support

Submit an IT question directly to UNH Law IT support staff.

UNH Mailing Label Report

UNH Manchester Tech Support

The UNH Manchester IT department provides multiple levels of IT support for all users on the Manchester campus.

UNH Phone Services

Enterprise Technology & Services operates and maintains the phone system for the University. The phone system includes the Durham, Manchester and Concord campuses plus the USNH system offices, the Interoperability Lab, Jackson Lab and the Sea Grant offices.

UNH Student Computing Clusters

The UNH Student Computing Labs/Clusters provide Macintosh, Windows, and Linux computer systems free for use by all UNH faculty, staff, and students.

UNH Virtual Private Network (VPN)

UNH's Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows authorized users to access secure university networks from non-secure networks.

UNH Wired Network

UNH provides wired Ethernet network access in for the Durham, Manchester, Concord, and USNH System office sites.

UNH Wireless Network (WIFI)

The UNH-Secure wireless network provides the peace-of-mind security of a wired network with the mobility of wireless.

***Note: The UNH Secure wireless network is being replicated by eduroam. Click visit the following link for more information:


Customers should use this form to report bugs, request new features, or ask questions to UNHCEMS

Update an EPAF Cheat Sheet

Update Other Banner Documentation

User Content Repository

The User Content Repository provides a content repository for files related to administrative offices’ mission critical business processes.

USNH Data Access Request/Access to Password Protected Information

All use of USNH institutional information must be approved by the appropriate data steward including use of institutional data housed in one system or application that will be uploaded/sent/feed into another system or application. The Data Access Request process facilitates requesting, approving, and tracking requests for access to and use of data.

USNH HR Production TeamDynamix

USNH Legacy Single Sign-On (SSO) Early Migration

Use this form if you are a service owner, technical contact, or business contact representing an application that is already set up with our legacy single sign-on system and would like to schedule an out-of-band migration to the newer system.

The new authentication system is built on Microsoft Azure and provides a more streamlined single sign-on experience, as well as better security and stability.

USNH Phone Services

Enterprise Technology & Services operates and maintains the phone system for all USNH institutions which are available to all faculty and staff.

USNH Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration

Use this form to request a single sign-on relationship with an application or service, allowing members of our community to securely log in using their institutional credentials.

Service owners who already have a single sign-on relationship with an existing application can also use this form to request updates or report issues.

USNH System Office EPAF Request

USNH System Office Position Request

USNH Time & Leave Reporting Support Requests

To report issues or request support regarding Time and Leave Reporting through the Kronos application.


Validation Data Updates

Virtual Desktops

Desktop virtualization is software technology that separates the desktop environment and associated application software from the physical client device that is used to access it.

Virtual Server Hosting

Enterprise Technology & Services offers VMware-based server hosting as part of our efforts to improve our computing environment and encourage environmental responsibility through efficient and effective use of resources.

Vulnerability Assessment

Leveraging the Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner (WVS), Enterprise Technology & Services allows application developers to request scans of their development sites before rolling into production to determine if any vulnerabilities exist.


Web Conferencing (Zoom)

Zoom is an easy-to-use web conferencing and web classroom platform.

Web Consulting

Web Consulting is available for multiple facets of web development.

Web Hosting

Website Hosting is provided and managed for Web and Mobile development clients through partnerships with Academic Computing Services.

Web Information System for Employees (WISE)

The Web Information System for Employees (WISE) is a self-service web application showing everything that pertains to an employee's status.

Web Surveying (Qualtrics)

The Qualtrics Survey Research Suite is a web-based survey and data analysis service.

Web Updates & Data Management

The Web and Mobile Development team has annual Service Level Agreement (SLA) maintenance contracts to assist you with updating your website and managing your database.


Banner Self Service (Webcat) is self-service, administrative software enabling users to view, and in some cases update, administrative data.

WebI HR Reporting

WebIntelligence (WebI) Reporting

WebIntelligence (WebI) is an enterprise application supporting self-service access for reporting and analysis of data from various applications.


Online and self-help services are available through WebROCK. WebROCK is available to all GSC students enrolled in credit-bearing coursework.

Website Development & Design

Web and Application Development and Design services include Drupal development, information architecture, and systems integration.

WebTime Entry (WTE) Questions

WebTimeEntry (WTE)

Where is...?

Windows Configuration Management

Configuration Manager is a management tool that allows you to focus on your work rather than on keeping your computer up to date and virus free.

Windows Enterprise Application and Server Support

Request Windows Server or Enterprise Application installation or support.

Windows Image Deployment

The windows imaging service allows desktop technicians to set up machines for faculty and staff with a standard Windows Operating System and various software packages.

Windows Systems Admin - Operations

For this group to use to create operational work tickets in TDx.