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The recommended method of multi-factor authentication is the Authenticate App by SmartAuth or the Google Authenticator App by Google. Information on the installation, set-up, and use of these apps can be found at:

SmartAuth - Registering the Authenticate App

SmartAuth - Registering and Using the Google Authenticator App

The next best option is to have the passcode sent to your SmartAuth registered phone number by either SMS/text message or an automated phone call if the service allows it. Automated passcode phone calls can be made to both mobile and land line phones. (Note that not all services allow SMS or voice methods of authentication)

In rare circumstances, a YubiKey may be necessary. A YubiKey is a small hardware token that can be used as a second factor. Enterprise Technology & Services has a limited number of YubiKeys that fit USB 2.0/USB 3.0 ports on a computer or docking station offered on a first come, first serve basis for business reasons such as grant-related or legal restrictions on using a personal device for work. If a YubiKey is necessary for you to perform work, you may request one at this form. Please note that the YubiKey is university property.

If you need a YubiKey that does not meet the above specifications (for example, if you only have USB-C ports), YubiKeys may be purchased from major technology retailers on uShopNH.

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