Adjunct Faculty Hire

Adjunct Faculty

Please gather the information detailed below and select the Submit a Request button to complete the hiring form for your adjunct faculty hire.

If the information provided on the adjunct faculty hiring form is correct, new hires take about 10-15 business days (the extra time for processing new hires is dependent upon how quickly the new employee completes their hiring paperwork and the timing of the background check results). A new hire cannot start a position until the background check and form I-9 is completed.

You will also have the option of uploading a signed offer letter to this form. If you do not attach a signed offer letter, HR will create one for you.

To complete this form the following information is needed:

New Employee Information:

  • Have they worked within University System in the last 3 years?
    • If Yes, on the question Adjunct Faculty Type, choose Rehire
    • If No, on the question Adjunct Faculty Type, choose New Hire 
    • If uncertain, choose New Hire
  • Employee Name
  • Employee Email
    • Note: Submission of this form will automatically send an invitation to the employee inviting them to complete necessary hiring forms and processes.

Department and Position Information:

  • Supervisor Information – Name/Email
    • The username is entered in the form to search for the Supervisor. This ensures the right person is selected (there is frequently more than one person with the same name, but no one shares a username).
    • Picking the right person from the list automatically provides HR with necessary information such as their USNH ID (9#) and campus email
  • Institution (choose UNH, UNHMHT or UNHLAW)
  • Organization (use departments in the drop down with help determine position #)
  • Department Name
  • Campus Building
  • Position # (should pre-populate)
  • Semester/Term
  • Position Start Date (will pre-populate based on Semester/Term/Organization selected)
  • Position End Date (will pre-populate based on Semester/Term/Organization selected)
  • Number of Pay Periods (will pre-populate based on Semester/Term/Organization selected)
  • Timesheet Org – if unknown, contact your Finance Department (see below for contacts)
  • Course Title
  • Course Discipline and #
  • Contracted Rate for Semester (confer with Finance Dept. as needed)
  • FTE (use dropdown to determine)
  • Fund/Org/Account (may be split) – if unknown, contact your Finance Department (see below for contacts)
  • Activity Code – Required for Grant Funded Positions
  • Attachment – You may upload a signed offer letter. If no letter is attached, HR will create the letter for you.

Getting Assistance

For help with Position Number, Timesheet Org, or Fund/Org/Account contact your Finance Department:

  • Finance - Academic Units - email:

Colleges served: College of Liberal Arts, Paul College of Business and Economics, College of Health and Human Services, College of Life Sciences & Agriculture, College of Engineering & Physical Sciences, Institute of Earth, Oceans and Space (EOS)

  • Finance - Central Administration - email:

Colleges served: Enterprise Technology & Services, Office of Business Affairs, Facilities Services, General Administration, Athletics, Advancement, Institutional Accounts

  • Finance - Academic Support - email:

Departments/Colleges served: Academic Affairs & Provost Office, Student Life, Graduate School, Enrollment Management, Library, Research Unit, Cooperative Extension, UNH School of Law, UNH at Manchester

For help with Grants and Contracts:

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