KSC Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The KSC Remote Access/VPN solution was developed to protect KSC data within the KSC network. It enables authorized users secure/encrypted access to the KSC network and to KSC IT resources. It is implemented using the Pulse Secure client software for both PC and Mac OSX users.

There are some limitations and special considerations while remotely accessing the KSC network.

  • Login access to computers and servers is restricted to authorized personnel only.

Employees with KSC laptops

In order to utilize remote access services, the Pulse Secure VPN client must be installed. If you approve timesheets or access any UNH resources like Banner or WebI, it is already installed on your laptop. You can verify this by clicking on the “up arrow” in the bottom right corner of your screen. You can identify Pulse Secure by the letter S icon. When you hover over it, it will indicate “Pulse Secure”. Newer laptops or those that have been reimaged in the past year will have this software already installed.

To connect, click on the icon and select KSC VPN. Enter your KSC NetID and password. You are now connected.



Enabling remote access for specific users need the following approvals: KSC staff require authorization by their supervisor. KSC faculty require authorization by their Department Chair or Dean. *Non KSC employees, e.g. vendors or contractors, requires authorization by a director.

To request remote access/VPN, you must fill out a Remote Access Request Form.

Security requirements

Only Keene State college owned machines will be allowed access to KSC resources through Remote Access. Personal machines are prohibited. KSC owned PC’s and MAC’s must have:

  • Microsoft Antivirus running and up to date definitions within 5 days
  • Microsoft firewall running
  • Apple Firewall running

KSC IT Security Standards must be thoroughly read and understood. (Approval signatures are not required at this time)

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