Exam Scanning

The Exam Scanning service includes new functionality and is accomplished entirely in house; everything from the printing of materials to the actual scanning occurs at UNH. All results from the exams can be posted quickly and securely, and is accessible by faculty and teaching assistants with proper credentials. The new service provides faculty with secure, comprehensive, and easy to access statistical analysis. Output formats include PDF, digital copies of student response sheets, and an Excel file output. Results are retrieved via Box.

Materials can be picked up at the ATSC in Dimond Library. All completed exams should be dropped off to the ATSC for scanning.

Important things to remember about the Exam Scanning service:

  • Students must use their UNH Student ID Number. It is strongly recommended that faculty prompt students to lookup and know their USNH Student ID number before taking an exam. USNH ID numbers can be retrieved at it.unh.edu/idlookup. Suggested language to include in your syllabus if students need assistance looking up their UNH Student ID is located in the appendix of the Faculty Guide linked here.
  • Options for changing data (e.g. bonus question, make multiple answers for a question) are available.
  • Exam materials can be dropped off at the ATSC in Dimond Library (Third Floor – Main Level).  Processing turnaround is one business day.
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