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Request an account for institutional computing purchases.

Help with your accounts, passwords, and multi-factor authentication.

Please use this form to submit account and enhancement requests for all CaPS technology including Handshake, Wildcat Connections, VMock, and Interview Stream.

PLEASE NOTE: Before requesting an InfoBurst account you must have a WebIntelligence (WebI) account and a business need to schedule reports. To learn more about WebI please visit

The KSC Sponsored Account request process is intended for use by KSC faculty and staff who are sponsoring a guest who need access to campus network resources for a short period of time.

MyAccount is the USNH password change and account claiming tool.

Colleague Information System Accounts are issued to KSC employees upon request. The account is to be used only by the staff, faculty, or student worker to whom the account is assigned, and only to perform administrative or advising duties as related to the employee’s position at KSC.

For new Keene State College employee user accounts and access to the network and campus network drives.

The Parent Portal service is a self service application enabling student-authorized users to view billing account information, financial aid, grades, and make payments.

The Cybersecurity Operations team is available to assist in responding to and investigating events and incidents that may have information security implications (e.g. Red Flag, Compromised Account, Unauthorized Access, etc.)

MyKSC is the official KSC student Web portal. It’s the place where students have access to a link for their Office 365 e-mail accounts, campus announcements, register for courses, pay tuition, access class transcripts and grades, and review class schedules. Any KSC affliated Department or student organization/club may post an announcements for students using this form.