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The COVID-19 Data Warehouse team supports myWildcat Pass, COVID-19 data reporting and data feeds, and webforms to support COVID-19 operations.

Tableau data visualization software helps you connect to data and use it to create interactive, sharable dashboards.

The Center for Data, Analytics, and Technology Alliance (DATA) coordinates the intake of data projects and requests for information, and supports services and solutions to enable data-driven decision making by providing reporting, data visualization and discovery tools, predictive analytics, and analysis and research.

All use of USNH institutional information must be approved by the appropriate data steward including use of institutional data housed in one system or application that will be uploaded/sent/feed into another system or application. The Data Access Request process facilitates requesting, approving, and tracking requests for access to and use of data.

Data Center Operations supports multiple Data Centers throughout USNH. Our primary Data Center is fully monitored, generator-backed, and offers secure hosting service for servers, storage systems and other hardware that require either high availability and/or security. We offer High Performance Compute clusters for research throughout USNH.

This form is meant to collect Career and Professional success data requests. Requests will be reviewed within 48 hours.

The Web and Mobile Development team has annual Service Level Agreement (SLA) maintenance contracts to assist you with updating your website and managing your database.

AssetWorks is enterprise administrative software supporting the creation and maintenance of Facilities and Asset data.

The Qualtrics Survey Research Suite is a web-based survey and data analysis service.

File Transfer Services (FTS) provides the transfer of enterprise production data to and from known vendors or USNH departments. Incoming data is processed into the Enterprise Systems and outgoing data is processed by vendors or administrative offices at USNH.

This form is to be used for UNH departments to request data on incoming and/or prospective students.