Servers, Data, Storage & Backups

Services include file shares, personal computer backups, website hosting.

Services (11)

Cloud Storage & Filesharing

Cloud Storage & Filesharing services enable you to store, collaborate, and share information; it can be accessed through your computer, phone or tablet. You can upload content, organize files, share links to files, manage file and folder permissions as well as collaborate with colleagues both inside and outside the University System anytime, anywhere, from any device.

COVID-19 Data Warehouse

The COVID-19 Data Warehouse team supports myWildcat Pass, COVID-19 data reporting and data feeds, and webforms to support COVID-19 operations.

Data Center Operations

Data Center Operations supports multiple Data Centers throughout USNH. Our primary Data Center is fully monitored, generator-backed, and offers secure hosting service for servers, storage systems and other hardware that require either high availability and/or security. We offer High Performance Compute clusters for research throughout USNH.

EIS General Request Intake

Enterprise Infrastructure Services General Request Intake

Local File Storage

Enterprise Technology & Services provides file sharing and storage for individuals and workgroups, using desktops and all major mobile computing platforms.

Research Computing Center

The Research Computing Center (RCC) offers support services for your Information Technology (IT) related research proposal requirements. RCC can assist with hardware specifications, vendor quotes, data management plans, facilities documents, cyberinfrastructure plans, and letters of support. For post-award, RCC offers a variety of services including data management (storage & backups), high performance computing (HPC), project website development, software development, training, scientific computing, virtual reality, systems administration, network administration and cybersecurity. RCC supports applications managed by the Office of Research, Economic Engagement, and Outreach (REEO), including Cayuse, InfoEd , myElements, and FindScholars.

Server Creation

For System Administrators to request new servers/VMs

System and Database Administration (SADA) Work Request

This is a service request for routine work needed by the System and Database Administration teams.

Virtual Server Hosting

Enterprise Technology & Services offers VMware-based server hosting as part of our efforts to improve our computing environment and encourage environmental responsibility through efficient and effective use of resources.

Windows Enterprise Application and Server Support

Request Windows Server or Enterprise Application installation or support.