Services include computer, software, and peripheral purchasing.

Services (10)

Adobe Subscription Provisioning

UNH faculty and staff may request Adobe product subscriptions.

Computer Purchasing Account

Request an account for institutional computing purchases.

Computer Purchasing Program Feedback

Submit feedback regarding your experience using USNH's Computer Purchasing Program.

IOD Technology Purchases

Use this page to submit any and all IOD technology purchase requests.

KSC Adobe Creative Cloud License

Creative Cloud is a great place to start any creative project. Licenses for this software are only available to faculty/staff. Students have access to this software through labs where it is installed.

Complete this form to request a Creative Cloud license. Once the form is submitted, you will get an email from Adobe with details on how to claim your license.

Microsoft Office 365 Additional License Provisioning

Faculty and staff may request additional Office 365 licenses such as Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, Power BI, or access to free Windows Server Standard.

NVivo Subscription Provisioning

Faculty and staff may request subscriptions for NVivo.

Plymouth State Tech Order

Purchasing process for all university technology purchases using PSU or Grant monies.

Standard Computer Model Exception

USNH provides a set of standard computer models available for purchase. For instances where the standards do not meet business requirements, you may request an exception.