Accounts, Passwords, & Access

Services include Access Management, Authentication Services, and Password Management.

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Account and Password Help

Help with your accounts, passwords, and multi-factor authentication.


MyAccount is the USNH password change and account claiming tool.

Request YubiKey

In rare circumstances, a YubiKey may be necessary. A YubiKey is a small hardware token that can be used as a second factor. Enterprise Technology & Services has a limited number of YubiKeys that fit USB 2.0/USB 3.0 ports on a computer or docking station offered on a first come, first serve basis for business reasons such as grant-related or legal restrictions on using a personal device for work. If a YubiKey is necessary for you to perform work, you may request one at this form. Please note that the YubiKey is university property.

If you need a YubiKey that does not meet the above specifications (for example, if you only have USB-C ports), YubiKeys may be purchased from major technology retailers on uShopNH.

USNH Legacy Single Sign-On (SSO) Early Migration

Use this form if you are a service owner, technical contact, or business contact representing an application that is already set up with our legacy single sign-on system and would like to schedule an out-of-band migration to the newer system.

The new authentication system is built on Microsoft Azure and provides a more streamlined single sign-on experience, as well as better security and stability.

USNH Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration

Use this form to request a single sign-on relationship with an application or service, allowing members of our community to securely log in using their institutional credentials.

Service owners who already have a single sign-on relationship with an existing application can also use this form to request updates or report issues.

Directory Services

Directory Services offers technical support staff the ability to add, change, or otherwise manage computers and user groups within USNH's various computing directories.

Identity and Access Systems Administration

Identity and Access provides services to system owners including: access request and approval workflows for specific systems, access tracking and deprovisioning notifications, addition of single sign-on and multifactor authentication to University systems, identity management tools for service desk technicians.

KSC Colleague Viewer Access Request

Colleague Information System Accounts are issued to KSC employees upon request. The account is to be used only by the staff, faculty, or student worker to whom the account is assigned, and only to perform administrative or advising duties as related to the employee’s position at KSC.

KSC Remote Access Request

The KSC Remote Access/VPN solution was developed to protect KSC data within the KSC network. It enables authorized users secure/encrypted access to the KSC network and to KSC IT resources. It is implemented using the Pulse Secure client software for both PC and Mac OSX users.

KSC Sponsored Account

The KSC Sponsored Account request process is intended for use by KSC faculty and staff who are sponsoring a guest who need access to campus network resources for a short period of time.

KSC Student Q Drive Access

Request access for a Keene State College (KSC) student worker whose job responsibility requires access to information located on the Q drive &/or for them to login with a unique profile to a faculty/staff workstation. The student will not be able to access faculty/staff documents or email and will not be able to install any software.

HR Background Check

Request an HR Background Check.

Student Preferred Name Display

UNH Students may indicate a preferred first name that will appear in documents internal to UNH.

Please use this form only if you have designated a Preferred First Name with the UNH Registrar and it is not used/displayed somewhere you feel it should be.