Categories (10)

Accounts, Passwords, & Access

Services include Access Management, Authentication Services, and Password Management.

Business Tools & Services

Services include Advancement/Student/HR/Finance information services, Printing, Facility and Asset Management.


Services include Telephone, Web & Mobile Services, Digital Signage, Video Conferencing

Email & Messaging

Services include Faculty/Staff Email, Student Email, Video Chat and Messaging.

Help, Support, & Training

Services include technology support contacts.

Information Security

Services include information security services, security scanning software, antivirus.

Learning Tools & Services

Services include academic computing, learning management and virtual teaching.

Networks & Connectivity

Services include network design, firewall services, virtual private network, wifi and wired networks.

Retail Services

Services include computer and peripheral, gaming, a/v sales.

Servers, Data, Storage & Backups

Services include file shares, personal computer backups, website hosting.