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This article is a student troubleshooting guide to iClicker at UNH.
This article will walk you through step by step how to register for the REEF mobile app as a student.
This article describes an instructor's troubleshooting guide for iClicker at UNH.
This article is a complete faculty guide to using iClicker at UNH.
This article describes best practice for online student learning.
This article explains how to use iClicker student polling system in a HyFlex course when some participants are remote
How to reset passwords remotely for faculty and staff
This script is to address difficulties in setting the original log-in password when a staff member is unable to access a campus network directly with a new-to-them (out of the box, repaired/reimaged, or loaner) device. This is a rare occurrence and is considered an exception to the standard process by USNH Cybersecurity.
This article describes how to download software for the iClicker at UNH.
This article contains recommendations for computer hardware add-ons for faculty who are remotely teaching.
Remote password reset jump-page for all campuses
Details initial login to BeyondTrust, licensing, download and installation of the representative console.