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This article will cover basic navigation of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) application once a user is logged in. It will also define a number of icons commonly used.
This article will cover the different areas of the student profile and define the information contained within.
This article cover the process of creating and modifying a Student List of specific students. When students are added to a watch list they remain on that student list until a user removed them manually. Unlike a Search where a student would naturally appear and disappear from a search based on whether the search criteria was met, with a Student List a student remains until removed.
This article will cover the process of sending an email communication to your advisees through the Navigate application.
This article will discuss the differences between adding information into the system as a Note or an Appointment Summary (Report).
In version 21.1.13 of EAB Navigate users now have the ability to schedule reports to be run on a frequency determined by the user.