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This article will explain the process for requesting access to course content from a user that is no longer employed by the university.
This article describes the default course menu settings and how to manage the course menu in a myCourses course.
This article describes the process of enabling notifications on myCourses.
This article answers some of the general questions about access to myCourses courses after the term has been completed.
This article provides a summary of the known issues currently in myCourses.
This article describes how to link and embed multimedia resources in a myCourses course. If you have requests for videos to go on Library Reserves, please send a request to the Multimedia Desk at More information at
This article describes how to change your primary email from the default to another email address or text (SMS) address within myCourses.
This article describes how to change notification settings in myCourses.
This article describes the External Apps (LTI Tools) that have been enabled for myCourses at UNH as well as the process for requesting that a specific application be enabled.
This article describes the basic steps for building a course using the myCourses Learning Management System (LMS). The links below are listed in the order you should review. If you would like to attend a training or walk-in session see the links at the bottom of the article for the schedule.
This article describes Web browser compatibility with myCourses by Canvas.
This article describes some best practices when using Box with myCourses. Files stored in Box do not count against the myCourses file storage limit/quota of 500MB. Box is also a handy way to post documents that may be updated frequently as the revisions do not to be reloaded to myCourses (as they would need to be if loaded directly to myCourses.)
This article describes how to add a student to a myCourses course. These instruction also apply to adding any person to your course, just make sure you select the appropriate role (Faculty, Student, Observer, TA, Designer, etc)
This article describes where and how to find myCourses by Canvas help and support documentation.
This article describes how to reset your myCourses password.