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This article provides instructions on how to create, share, duplicate, a form and move that form to a group.
This article contains frequently asked questions and answers about where best to store and share files, OneDrive, SharePoint, or Teams.
This article describes some of the basic features and functionality of Microsoft Teams including chatting with and calling Team member.
This article provides instructions on how to leave a team or chat, as well as. how to hide or mute a chat session.
A SharePoint group allows you and your co-workers entire team to have the same set of permissions to sites and content. Rather than assign permissions to one person at a time, you can use groups to conveniently assign the same permission level to many people at once.
This article lists the Microsoft 365 Group names for each campus. Use the list to share your Microsoft Teams and SharePoint site with the appropriate group.
This article provides information about the automated group expiration policy and the location of your Teams expiration date.
This article provides instructions on how to move a file from your personal OneDrive to a shared group location.
This article provides information on how to create and delete a group in Outlook and contains several links on how to best use your group for collaborating.
This article provides instructions on how to create service details, assign staff members to services, set publishing and scheduling policy options, add online meeting options to bookings, create group bookings, and provide text message notifications.