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This article serves to instruct as to the best tool to use for lecture capture in your course.
This article describes how to get started with Kaltura Capture. Capture is a tool that allows users to record themselves as well as the screen for lectures, How to, or informational video.
This article will explain how to use Kaltura Capture to Record a Zoom Meeting using a HIPAA Account
Most of the time the default Classroom settings will be sufficient. Refer to this article if you need to change settings.
This article is intended to be used as a means to find Kaltura Capture recordings that are stored locally on your computer.
This article describes how to enable Privacy Settings for screen, camera and microphone for Kaltura Capture on Mac OS.
This article provides a general overview of Kaltura Capture.
This article describes how to create a screen recording using Quicktime.
This article provides an overview of using installed rechargeable microphones or battery microphones.