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This article describes some best practices when using OneDrive with Canvas. Files stored in OneDrive do not count against the Canvas file storage limit/quota of 1 GB. Box is also a handy way to post documents that may be updated frequently as the revisions do not to be reloaded to Canvas (as they would need to be if loaded directly to Canvas).
This article is about using a Zoom tool built into MyCourses.
This article describes the course creation and student enrollment schedule in Canvas for USNH Institutions.
This article explains how to print a test in Canvas to paper or pdf file.
This article describes how to remove embedded media from myCourses.
This article describes different error codes that could occur when publishing grades on Canvas.
This article describes the External Apps (LTI Tools) that have been enabled for Canvas at UNH as well as the process for requesting that a specific application be enabled.
This article describes how to enable external course tools in Canvas.
This article describes how to create a video/audio assignment within myCourses.
This article describes how to embed a video or audio file into a MyCourses course.
This article describes how to use Webcat to email students.
This article describes how to delete Kaltura content.
This article describes the in-line document viewer for Speedgrader, known as DocViewer.
Adding personal pronouns to your user account in Canvas.
This article explains the application functionality of Canvas on Apple and Android tablet devices and Apple mobile devices.