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This article will point users to support with questions regarding copyright laws for Faculty and Students.
Turnitin is an application that checks for originality, detects plagiarism detection and can be used as a tool to help students understand how to properly cite sources in their academic work. Turnitin includes grading features for faculty such as comments, Quickmarks, and integrated rubrics.
This article will define many of the common term codes used at USNH Institutions and how "Current Term" is determined.
This article describes the University of New Hampshire's license with Gradescope and how you can collect and grade your assignments with the tool. Gradescope helps you seamlessly administer and grade all of your assessments, whether online or in-class. Save time grading and get a clear picture of how your students are doing.
This article will provide information regarding what Alert Reasons faculty will be presented on the early assessment survey, as well as when to use them and the desired outcomes.
There may be times where it is necessary to download a copy of the Global Address Book (GAL) for your institution. This article will walk you through the process of doing so.
This article includes the audio visual customer service hotline as well as what the team can help with.
Remote password reset jump-page for all campuses
You can easily duplicate meeting entries in your Outlook calendar by highlighting the meeting in your Calendar view and simply copying it, and then paste it to your preferred time.