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This article goes over how to hide or mute a chat in Microsoft Teams. Individual chats are unable to be deleted.
This article goes over how to turn captions on and off and the purpose and functions of them. Teams can detect what’s said in a meeting and present real-time captions. It is important to note live captions are a preview feature in Microsoft Teams, only available in English for now.
This article describes how to clear Cache off a device, Windows and Mac, which can help with lag. It is important to note that if these steps do not completely work, try disabling Hardware Acceleration under User>Settings>General. Then check the box for "Disable GPU Hardware Acceleration".
This article lists FAQs for the Microsoft Services Update on April 9 & 10 that will impact all Granite State College and UNH students, faculty and staff.
This article explains the features in Microsoft Teams and what you can do with them.
This article explains the different features in settings in Microsoft Teams.
This article explains how to send an email in Microsoft Teams using a channel email address.
This article provides links to different Microsoft Teams external resources.
This article explains how to open Microsoft Teams chats in separate windows.
This article explains how to make a new meeting in Microsoft Teams and how it integrates in Outlook.
This article explains how to manage notifications in Microsoft Teams.
You can sync your Microsoft SharePoint and Teams files to a folder on your computer. This lets you work directly in File Explorer and access files even when you're offline. And when you go back online, any changes made to those files will sync automatically.
This article is a list of links to all of the articles about SharePoint.