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This article includes instructions on how to view student response rates for teaching evaluations. It also highlights some tips on how to increase response rates.
This article highlights how a student can access their teaching evaluations using the evaluation link within myCourses, and mobile device instructions.
This article lists the important dates for teaching evaluations for the current term. This information includes the start of the process (data review) to when the report is issued.
This article describes how to import the Student Evaluation of Teaching template into a Qualtrics survey.
This article is intended for Teaching Evaluation (TEV) Coordinators. This article will describe how to handle course evaluation for a course with low enrollment
This article is intended for TEV Coordinators. This article describes why a course may not be evaluated and how to update the criteria appropriately.
This article is intended for Teaching Evaluation (TEV) Coordinators and will instruct the user on the Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) process for cross-listing courses.
This is intended for the instructor.T his article highlights what is shown on the report that is generated from a course evaluation.
This article will highlight where and how to log in to Blue for reporting purposes. This is intended for instructors, Deans, dean's office staff and department chairs.