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The following topics discuss how to share links, files, and folders in Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. You may select from three options when sharing: anyone, people in your organization, and specific people.
The Office 365 suite has an intranet tool called Microsoft SharePoint. The tool allows folks within a group to share information, workflows, documents and more using web browsers. It is similar to a set of websites, but specially catered to be used for the internal communications and business processes of an organization.
This article details some of the benefits and features of the Microsoft SharePoint application.
This article will provide information to resources that allow USNH users access to Microsoft products.
This article lists FAQs for the Microsoft Services Update on April 9 & 10 that will impact all Granite State College and UNH students, faculty and staff.
This article explains how to make a new meeting in Microsoft Teams and how it integrates in Outlook.
This article describes the overview of Microsoft Bookings.
This article explains how to determine which version of office is installed.
The University System of New Hampshire uses Microsoft solutions for mail, productivity, scheduling, business analysis, security, and much, much more. Microsoft 365 Education licenses are divided into three types: A1, A3, and A5. There are dozens of nuances among each license, but this article will call out some of the most notable differences.
remove ESET and install Defender on MacOS