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This article explains how to enable folder/file sharing securely with collaborators external to USNH regardless of whether or not they have a Microsoft 365 subscription, or SharePoint account.
This article describes how to apply a sensitivity label to the email messages that you compose in the Web or Desktop versions of Outlook Office 365.
This article describes how to recover files or folders in OneDrive or on your computer that may have been trashed or deleted.
Summary: This article provides information about the purpose and type of information that is typically included in each of the two types of SharePoint sites, Communication site and Team site. It also includes the information needed to help you select the SharePoint site type that most meets your needs and instruction to create your own site. The article is intended for those who may be interested in creating a SharePoint site but need more information about available site types and their purpose
This article provides instructions on how to access and log in to the Microsoft SharePoint application.
This article describes how to access OneDrive with your USNH account on a desktop/laptop computer or mobile device.
The article explains how to make a request to have sensitivity label added to your Teams site.
This article provides instructions to create an automated process that copies files from Box to SharePoint using Power Automate.
This article describes how to send as a Proxy Address in Microsoft 365.
This article provides instructions on how to open a file stored in OneDrive using an Office application and how to save a copy of a document created in an Office application to OneDrive.
This article provides instructions on how to install Microsoft Office 365 on a Mac operating system.
This article contains frequently asked questions about Office 365. USNH has negotiated an agreement with Microsoft to provide all active UNH students, faculty, and staff with an Office 365 subscription. This includes Emeritus as well as sponsored users with an AD account.
This article provides links to articles about how to access the file share locations where students, faculty and staff you can obtain license keys and download files.
Office 365 is available to all students, faculty, and staff. Office 365 ProPlus is a downloadable subscription plan which includes web and desktop versions of the latest office applications.
This article provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Microsoft 365 Education licenses issued out to student, staff, and faculty by USNH.