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This article describes how to create and manage channels in MediaSpace.
This article serves to instruct as to the best tool to use for lecture capture in your course.
This article explains how to add, edit and delete hotspots in your recordings.
This article describes how to upload IOS video files using Kaltura.
This article describes how to share media with other users through collaboration and media ownership settings in Kaltura.
This article describes how to request mechanical captioning for Kaltura videos.
This article will outline the differences between the paid for professional services available for captioning and those captioning services that Academic Technology offers.
This article provides information about the system status of Kaltura.
This article will explain the process for requesting access to streaming media files from another user.
This article provides a detailed description about viewing rich media in the Kaltura Player.
This article provides a general overview of My Media.
This article describes how to use MediaSpace to create or upload videos that can be publicly viewed.
If you're using Kaltura Capture, the latest version of the Kaltura recording software these are the instructions for locating the local storage on your hard drive.
This article describes how to publish and share media in MediaSpace.