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This article provides an introduction to the services and support UNH Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) provides for faculty.
This article describes how faculty can obtain solutions for functionality and technical issues involving Canvas.
This article will provide faculty and staff with directions on how to download Microsoft Office to personal computers.
This article gives directions on how to uninstall Microsoft Office applications on personal computers.​​​​​​​
This article is a quick start guide for setting up and using iClickers at UNH.
This article describes an instructor's troubleshooting guide for iClicker at UNH.
This article is a complete faculty guide to using iClicker at UNH.
This article highlights how faculty and ta's access evaluation progress and results in Blue
This article describes how to download software for the iClicker at UNH.
This article contains frequently asked questions related to faculty profiles in myElements, and faculty and staff profile pages appearing in school and college websites.