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This article provides instructions on how to remove your existing institutional email account and add your USNH email account profile to your Windows Outlook Desktop application. This allows you to receive your USNH institutional emails using Office 365 after migration to the USNH Unified M365 environment.
This article provides instructions on how to upload, save, and share files and folders in Teams on your computer, and mobile devices.
You can synchronize your Microsoft SharePoint and Teams files to a folder on your computer allowing you to work directly in File Explorer and access files even when you're offline. If you make changes to a file while off line those files are automatically synchronized when you go back online. You no longer need to copy files to and from your sites to your computer, so your files are always up to date.
This article provides instructions on how to access Microsoft Teams from a browser (, and the Office desktop application. It also provides links for downloading the mobile application.
How to sign into the Office 365 Desktop Client for both Windows and Mac users.