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Turnitin's SimCheck is the anti-plagiarism software that replaces VeriCite. This article describes how to create an assignment in Canvas using Turnitin's SimCheck and how to read the report for the student submissions.
This article describes how to submit a course assignment that has Turnitin's Simcheck enabled as well as how to read the originality report.
This article describe how students can record narration over their URC presentation, upload it to My Media, share it in a Channel and with others.
This article describes how to assign a quiz due date to one student in Canvas and maintaining the original due date for the rest of the students
The Barnes and Noble Faculty Enlight and Adoption & Insights portals are the official campus bookstore applications for all booklist information. The new navigation links within Canvas provide easy access for faculty to create and edit their course booklist and for students to view that booklist information. They are your source for researching, adopting, and sharing insights about textbooks and course materials that ensure students will get the right course materials at the most affordable pric
This article describes how to publish your course.
This article describes some best practices when using Box with Canvas. Files stored in Box do not count against the Canvas file storage limit/quota of 500MB. Box is also a handy way to post documents that may be updated frequently as the revisions do not to be reloaded to Canvas (as they would need to be if loaded directly to Canvas.)
This article describes the various ways to subscribe to the Canvas iCal feed using common applications (Google Calendar/Outlook.)
This article provides links to Canvas sample Courses.
This article describes how to link and embed multimedia resources in a Canvas course. If you have requests for videos to go on Library Reserves, please send a request to the Multimedia Desk at More information at
This article describes the process for linking UNH Library Reserves to a course in Canvas using the native Redirect app. Please note that you are responsible for requesting the desired Reserves through the Library. More information can be found at the library reserves website
This article describes how to change notification settings in Canvas.
This article describes how to change your primary email from the default to another email address or text (SMS) address within Canvas.
This article describes the process of enabling notifications on Canvas.
This article is a list of frequently asked questions about using Canvas email and issues that could occur. Also provided is a link to the article about how to use the notification settings for Canvas.
This article describes situations in which Canvas email may remove attached files from email communications through the system.
This article provides an introduction to the services and support UNH Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) provides for faculty.
This article describes how students can get Canvas help online, by phone, and in person.
This article describes how faculty can obtain solutions for functionality and technical issues involving Canvas.
This article describes how to use the Inbox (email) tool from your Canvas course site.
This article explains the application functionality of Canvas on Apple and Android tablet devices and Apple mobile devices.
The following topics are the most common asked questions about using Canvas as a student. Click on the topic title to access the topic on the Canvas help site.