Box Sync FAQ's

Box Sync will be replaced by Box Drive by 2021-2022.

  • UNH recommends using Box Drive for future compatibility. Box Sync is currently supported, but no new features are planned, only bug fixes and security updates.

Box Sync Errors:

  • If you are getting errors on a new device, submit a ticket to request a reset of your Box Sync Devices. There is a Box Sync device limit of 3 phones, 3 computers, and 3 tablets and can not be increased. All devices will be cleared.
    • This includes "your admin has restricted access"

What permission level is required to sync a folder?

  • To sync a folder you must be the Owner/Co-Owner or Editor.

How often do I need to login to Box Sync?

  • If you actively use Box Sync on a daily basis, you may not need to explicitly login. If you have not connected to Box Sync in 60 days, you will need to explicitly login.

Is there a size limit when uploading with Sync?

  • Yes, the limit when uploading is 15 gigabytes for a file or folder. If you wish to upload a large amount of content (15 gigs+ ... we offer assistance via FTP, submit a request here.)

What is the behavior when deleting files and folders from Sync?

  • If you delete a file or folder from your local Box Sync folder, the action will be mirrored on
  • If you delete a file or folder from the online site that was marked as Sync Folder to Computer, that file or folder deletion will be mimicked in your local Box Sync folder.

When I uninstall Sync, will my content in Box be deleted?

  • No. This will neither delete content in the cloud nor delete content on your local machine. Uninstalling or logging out of Sync simply breaks the sync connection between your machine and the cloud. No content is deleted.

What happens when I uninstall Sync?

  • If you uninstall the client and then reinstall it, it won’t just pick up your existing Box Sync folder and continue from where you left off. The client will throw an error saying that the Box Sync folder already exists. Instead, you should rename (or probably delete) the Box Sync folder prior to reinstalling the Box Sync client. The new Box Sync folder will be created (in the original location) and then populated with any content from marked as Synced.
  • CAREFUL - This will re-download all content marked sync and depending on your system/connection can cause performance issues/eat up your hard drive space.

Box Sync ignores the following file types and shortcuts:

  • Temporary files and folders (.tmp and files starting with the ~ character)
  • Backup copies of files (.bak)
  • System and hidden files (hidden folders are synced but hidden files are not synced: such as ._dstore, desktop.ini, thumbs.db). 
    • Note: File names that start with a dot "." are considered hidden files
  • Shortcuts created via Windows Explorer or Finder
  • Hard links (a file that has multiple directory entries associated with it will not be synced)
  • Symbolic links
  • File names that are exactly 8 uppercase hexadecimal digits (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E, or F) with no extension -- for example: 1234AD38 or ABE32BD0
  • File names containing special characters
  • Web based documents (such as .gdoc, .gsheet, and bookmarks) will not sync to the Box Sync folder. Box Notes will be synced to the Box Sync folder, and will open in your browser.
Box Sync will not sync files that it ignores or blocks. Ignored files are files that are invisible in Windows Explorer or Finder, such as temporary or system files. Blocked files are file types that Box Sync does not recognize.


Box Sync blocks the following file types:



These file types can be stored in Box through the Box website, but Box Sync will not recognize them. They will not be synced even if they are in a synced folder.

Note: Box Sync will sync folder names ending in a dot ("."), but users on Windows computers will not be able to access the folder. Users will see an error dialog "Location is not available". Please remove the dot "." from the end of the folder name, or Windows users will be required to access the folder only from the Box web site.


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