TeamDynamix: How do I create a Project from an Approved Project Request?

How do I create a Project from an Approved Project Request?

When project requests are approved, they wait in an "Approved Project Request" queue until they are ready to be assigned to a Project Manager and that's when the request finally matures into a Project.

The following steps will convert an Approved Project Request into a Project and assign it to a Project Manager:

  1. Go to Menu > Portfolio Planning
    • Note: If you do not have access to the Portfolio Planning area, these actions will need to be performed by someone who does (typically a Manager or Director).
  2. Click Approved under the Project Requests heading in the left-hand menu. This shows the approved requests in the queue.
  3. Click the name of project request you want to activate. This will open up the Request Explorer window for that project.
  4. Click the green Actions button, then click Staff.
  5. Supply the necessary information, especially Start Date, End Date, Portfolio(s). In the Options area, be sure to check Make this project active.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Choose the Project Manager, and click Next. This is the last step and will create the Project and notify the Project Manager of the assignment.

If you need further assistance, see TeamDynamix: Need Help?.


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