Accounts: How do I request that someone's IT accounts be disabled?

When the employment of a staff member ends, the standard employee termination process initiated by Human Resources ensures that UNH IT accounts (for example, Email, VPN, Banner, WebI) are disabled. Faculty members receive a 90 day grace period and adjunct faculty members receive a 120 day grace period from their end date before accounts are disabled. There is no grace period for non-faculty staff members and account access is terminated after their last day of employment.

To request that an account be disabled prior to an employee leaving the University, use the Immediate Deactivation of Access form in the Accounts Management System. To make this request:

1. Go to (Note: Do Not Use Internet Explorer).
2. Click Accounts Management System and log in
3. Click on Remove
4. Click on Immediate Deactivation of Access
5. Complete the form and click Submit

For additional information see Account Deactivation Information


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