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This article describes the process of enabling notifications on Canvas.

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What are Notifications? Notifications are messages that are sent to your default Canvas email address that notify you about new additions or changes to your courses. In addition, when you receive Canvas email a notification message is sent to your default email address.   The Notifications can be set at the Account level which applies the same message frequency to all courses or you can set Notifications in the individual course that apply to that course only. 

Enable Notifications

Go to the Canvas Dashboard and click the Account button on the left hand menu. Then select the Notifications option on the next menu. This will open a page with a list of all the Notification Preferences with their associated frequency.


The notification page has multiple settings that can allow you to set the frequency;

  • Notify Immediately (These notifications may be delayed 1 hour in case the instructor is making multiple updates to the same content.)
  • Daily Summary (Usually sent after 11pm EST)
  • Send weekly Summary (Send every Saturday morning between 2 and 4am EST.)
  • Nofications off  (Does not send a notification)

You can set the updates to be email notifications or enable push notifications on your phone.

Notifications are classified into course activities, discussions, conversations, scheduling, groups, alerts, and conferences. Hover your mouse over the title of the activity to show a tool tip which shows what the activity includes.

For more information:

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