IMCEAEX Error in Outlook

If you receive a "Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups" error in Outlook with "IMCEAEX" in the diagnostic information, clear your Auto-Complete entry for the recipient you were sending to.

This error is most often caused by the auto-complete field when trying to send a message. If you receive this error, try clearing your auto-complete field. Auto-Complete is a suggestion that Outlook makes when you start typing a recipient's name or email address.

  1. Open a new message, start typing the name or address of the recipient.
  2. This deletes the cached address. Use To , to locate the correct address of the email if applicable.
  3. When the auto-complete suggestion appears, click the next to the name to remove the suggestion.

Outlook Desktop App Finding the To Address

  • Another problem that could be causing this is that the person you are trying to send to has an email address that has been changed or discontinued.
  • If the email address has an old or out of date email address and you can’t contact them directly, try searching through the faculty/staff directory , or the Global Address List in Outlook Contacts.
  • Now, try sending your email again by typing the recipient's name or email address in the To: field.

If you are having issues, try running the Microsoft SARA diagnostic tool.


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