Box Group Accounts

Box @ UNH Group Accounts are designed for departments that require the ease and flexibility of Box @ UNH, but also need extra storage space or to ensure that data is not owned by individual department employees. Departments must appoint a Data Steward, a person in your department who will be responsible for maintaining access to the folders in your department Box @ UNH group account. 

We configure Box @ UNH group accounts with two folders, "Department Name Shared All" and "Department Name Restricted".  The Shared All folder is designed to be shared with all members of your department. The Restricted folder is for your department’s Data Steward to create additional folders in; these additional folders should be shared among smaller groups, i.e. not everyone in the department. 

Any data saved in either of the two group account folders will not be deleted unless you or collaborators choose to delete it.  Box @ UNH Group Accounts are a great way to ensure continuity of data in event of an employee leaving and on-boarding a replacement. A quick way to check is see the "Owner" of the folder, if it says Box_Department Name, then it is counting against the group account’s quota. 


To request a Box @ UNH Group Account for your department or team please fill out the linked web form and select ‘Request a Group Account’, .


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