Is my current Web browser compatible with myCourses by Canvas?


This article describes Web browser compatibility with myCourses by Canvas.


Canvas supports the last two versions of every browser release. It is highly recommend updating to the newest version of whatever browser you are using as well as the most up-to-date Flash plug-in.   If you do not know what the latest version of your browser, you can Google search to locate details about the browser you are using.

As of September 19, 2015, myCourses by Canvas supports the most recent versions of Flash and popular web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer  and Edge (IE 10 will be discontinued on November 21)
  • Chrome 
  • Safari 
  • Firefox  (Extended Releases are not supported)
  • Flash  (for recording or viewing audio/video and uploading files)


Check the Canvas guides for additional information about browser support and links to your browser's website.


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