Kaltura: MediaSpace Overview


This article provides an overview of MediaSpace.


What is MediaSpace?

In short, MediaSpace is our own "campus YouTube". It's a tool owned through our Kaltura media hosting license which allows you to make video and other media available to anyone you choose, free from unwanted advertisements. There are several options in terms of how it can be used, from private channels that can only be accessed by specifically identified users to channels that are publicly accessible by anyone. MediaSpace can also be utilized as a central repository to host videos that are embedded in other websites or used on social media sites. Under our Kaltura license, we have unlimited capacity, so you can use it for any appropriate use, without any bandwidth or storage limitations.

What can MediaSpace be used for?

Ways to use MediaSpace could include:

  • Publishing lectures and teaching materials
  • Storing audio or video interviews
  • Sharing media you have created with other colleagues
  • Storing promotional videos for embedding in your website
  • Student uploads and campus life
  • Outreach to external communities, athletic fans, prospective students, and alumni
  • Training videos

Use of MediaSpace must comply with all applicable university policies and laws. If any items posted to MediaSpace are found to be in violation of copyright or other laws, of if the items are contrary to policies, they will be removed by the administrators of the service.

More Information

Please see these other knowledge base articles for details on how to use MediaSpace:

Need additional help?

Please fill out this streaming media webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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