myCourses - Integrating External Apps (LTI Tools) in a course


This article describes the External Apps (LTI Tools) that have been enabled for myCourses at UNH as well as the process for requesting that a specific application be enabled.


An External App is a learning resource or application that adds functionality or a specific learning path to a myCourses course. There are currently several External Apps available throughout the course that can be easily used in your course.

Some of the locations where an External Apps could be used:

  • Course Menu
  • Rich Content Editor
  • Modules External Tools link selection
  • Assignment External Tools link selection
  • Homework Submission

You can view the entire list of External Apps by going to the course Settings, then to the Apps tab, select View App Configurations.  This opens a list of all External Apps currently available in myCourses.  To view where it is available to use in the course, select the "i"  to the right of the app name.

New External Apps can only be added to a course by the UNH AT department. If you would like to request an External App be added to the course, please submit a support form: myCourses webform


Need additional help?

Please fill out this myCourses webform with as much detail as possible.


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