Connecting to a UNH Printer via Baxter

  1. Verify that you are on a secure UNH Network. You can be hard-wired in, using UNH-Secure Wireless, or on VPN to access Baxter. If you are connecting to Baxter off campus and are using VPN, you may need to authenticate with your UNH username and password upon connecting to Baxter. Information on connecting to the VPN

  2. Click on the Start button on your desktop.

  3. In the Search for Programs and Files field, type in "\ \baxter" and press Enter.
    Note: If prompted for credentials, username should appear as AD\username.

    Illustration of Run line

  4. If connected to a secure UNH Network, Baxter will open and display a list of printers.

  5. Locate your printer and double click on it to install the print driver hosted on the server.

    Illustration of printer listing window

  6. Installing.

    Illustration of driver download dialog

  7. When the installation is complete a printer queue for that specific printer will pop up on your desktop. This will confirm that you have successfully connected to that printer on Baxter.

    Illustration of Printer Queue dialog


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