iClicker: Quick start guide setting up and using iClickers


This article is a quick start guide for setting up and using iClickers at UNH.

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iClicker - Quick start guide

This article is intended for the instructor setting up the iClicker environment.

This article assumes that you have downloaded the Clicker software and have either attended training or read the complete user guide. A more complete full length version of these instructions are attached at the bottom of this email.

The latest Clicker version is 7.27. Please make sure you are using the current version. If not, then follow the instructions in this KB article. iClicker: Upgrade to current version

Creating a Course

  1. Open your iClicker software.
  2. In the "iClicker Classic" window make a new course by selecting the Create button in the bottom left of the screen.
  3. In the Course Name field enter your course title. These fields do not allow most special characters.

Set up your Clicker information

  1. From the main menu, select the course and choose the Settings.
  2. On the General tab, enter your 8 digit instructor ID (located on the back of your blue Faculty Clicker device) in the field. This will allow you to control the polling session and presentation using your blue instructor Clicker device.
  3. For the "Welcome Message" enter a brief (8 character limit) message which will display on the student remotes.
  4. Update the "Frequency Code" to match the 2 letter frequency code for your classroom which is displayed on the wall. Example; AD, BC, etc.
  5. If you are using a Mac computer, select the box next to "Prevent App Nap" in order to keep the program from responding slowly.
  6. Registration: Enter your name and school information. This is optional.
  7. Mobile: Enable this option if you want to allow your students to have to option to use a mobile app to respond to questions. Read this article for more detailed instructions. iClicker: Faculty instructions on how to set up Student Mobile polling



In the Gradebook tab setup the connection between iClicker to your Canvas course. See Graphic above.

  1. Choose "Select Course" and enter your UNH Username and password.  (If you do not see the "Select Course" option, then you have the wrong Clicker version)
  2. After choosing "Login" select, "Authorize."
  3. Select your course from the pop-up "Learning Management System" window. Choose "Select". If you see multiple listings for the same course, select the first course. The iClicker window will now display your course name.
  4. Select the "Only sync remote registrations with students in your LMS".
  5. Select the "Upload Ab (absent) scores as zero". This field applies a "0" as a grade in Canvas grade book.

Note: If you have cross-listed your courses, make sure to select the combined course. If you have renamed your combined course, then you will see that course listed. For example, a combined course could be named the course name with the sections numbers, 01-03. For more information about renaming a course, see step 11 in the Cross-List KB article. Canvas Cross-List/Combine Course


Downloading the Roster

  1. Open your iClicker software and in the window, select your course so that it is highlighted in blue. Choose Open Gradebook .
  2. Clicking Sync Roster will update your roster at any time. This should be done periodically throughout the semester to ensure the student roster information is up to date especially during the add/drop period. If students are using REEF polling you will have to synchronize multiple times to retrieve their REEF registration from the cloud.



Setup your grading criteria for your iClicker polling sessions. You can use the same grading criteria for all sessions or make adjustments for each session throughout the semester. You can select to use either Participation or Performance Points or both.

Participation Points: The "Participation points" section allows you to set a single value for what students will earn simply for responding to any number questions and does not evaluate the student response. This grading system looks at a student’s involvement in a session as a whole. The drop down menu allows you to select the percentage of the questions a student must respond to in order to get credit.

Performance Points: The "Performance points" section allows you to assign points to students for answering a question and another point for answering correctly. This grading system counts and assigns points to each question and answer individually.

  • Points for responding provides points to a student for sending in a response, whether it is right or wrong.
  • Points for correct response provides an additional point value for getting a question correct. Using this option requires the instructor to select the correct answer either during a polling session or after the polling session has ended.
  • By checking the box next to Limit the total performance points earned in a session to a maximum of: and entering information in the field, you can cap the total number of points a student can earn in a single session.

NOTE : Changing the point values that students receive during polling only affects future questions that you ask and will not retroactively apply the grading scheme to previous sessions you may have run. If you want to retroactively update points, then go to that polling session in the iClicker gradebook and adjust the points possible in that session.  You can't change individual student grades in iClicker but instead change the points possible to be earned. If you need to adjust a student's grade, make the change in the Canvas gradebook.


Running a Session

In your classroom you will connect your computer or a flash drive containing the Clicker software to the Clicker hardware.

  1. Open your Clicker application.
  2. Select the course and then select Start New Session. You will see a polling session toolbar appear at the top of the screen.
  3. When you are ready to ask the question, select Start to open the polling for students to respond. The polling tool bar appears in the upper left corner.
  4. As the polling session is running, the timer is counting up and the number of student responses should also be counting up.
  5. Select the Stop Polling option.
  6. Select the Display Polling results to show the students the polling results.
  7. At this time you have the option to select the correct answer.  Use the Select Answer button on the iClicker device.
  8. Close the polling result graph and continue on to start the next polling question.

Sending Grades to your Canvas course

  1. When you have completed a session you can send the grades to your course. Open up your iClicker Gradebook and click on the Sync Scores. If you are using Performance Points and are grading correct responses for questions, make sure you have selected the correct answer in order for the students to receive their points for correct answers.
  2. A new window titled "Upload Scores to LMS" appears.
  3. Check off the boxes next to the sessions that you wish to upload, or choose "Select All."
  4. Select Next.
  5. A new window appears, presenting you with the following options:
    • Each session is a separate entry   check this option if you would like all sessions to have their own grade column
    • Aggregate sessions together as a single entry  check this option if you would like to combine scores to create one grade column
    • Both performance points and participation points as separate entries  This portion asks how you would like to divide the points for grading. Choosing this option will create a Canvas grade column for each one.
  6. Make your selections and choose Upload .
  7. When the upload is complete you can view the grades in your Canvas grades area.

NOTE1: Re-uploading a session will overwrite any previous grades for that polling session inside the Canvas course gradebook.

NOTE2: Depending on the size of your Canvas course, the upload may take a very long time. If you have a large class and do not see your grades appear, please wait 10-15 minutes with your computer on before attempting to re-upload.


Need additional help?

If you need assistance with your iClicker device or REEF app, you can visit the ATSC support desk in the Dimond Library.

Fill out the iClicker webform with as much detail as possible or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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