Setting my Mail Enabled Public Folder to accept Incoming Email

When a Mail Enabled Public Folder is unable to receive email from senders, it is often an issue with permissions on the Public Folder.

The Permission level for Anonymous and Default must be set to at least Contributor in order for them to Create items in the folder via email.  Setting the permissions higher than Contributor may give them permissions you do not want them to have.  An Owner of a Public Folder can manipulate most permissions in Outlook.

Default are senders from within the UNH Exchange ecosystem including faculty, staff, and students.

Anonymous are senders from mail servers outside of the UNH Exchange ecosystem.  This includes students, CISUNIX users, Gmail, other universities, Comcast, etc.



You can give permissions for individual users with Exchange mailboxes to send mail to a Mail Enabled Public Folder by giving them Contributor permission or another Permission Level with "Create items" checked off .

For more information on setting permissions on Public Folders, please see Setting Permissions on a Public Folder in Outlook 2013.

If you are having issues, try running the Microsoft SARA diagnostic tool.


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