iClicker: Instructor's Guide for using iClicker software and hardware


This article is a complete faculty guide to using iClicker at UNH.


iClicker User Guide

The attached document is a complete faculty guide to using iClicker at UNH. You can also sign up for training or request a session at at-training.unh.edu. During training you will learn how to conduct a polling session, view responses, connect into Canvas and much more. You will get hands on help to download and setup the iClicker application. You will also receive your faculty remote device to use in your classroom.

The current version of Clickers is 7.27. Please make sure you are using the current version, otherwise the roster will not connect to the Canvas course. If not, read these instructions on how to upgrade to the current version. iClicker: Upgrade to current version

Table of Contents of the attached document:

  1. Hardware
    1. Base Station
    2. Instructor Remote
    3. Student Clicker
    4. Mobile Polling
  2. Setting up the Software
    1. Starting a Session
    2. Settings and Preferences
      1. General
      2. iClicker: Faculty instructions on how to set up student mobile polling
      3. Gradebook
      4. Toolbar
      5. Scoring
      6. Results
      7. Base Display
    3. Changing Remote Frequency
  3. Running a Session
    1. Asking Questions
    2. Results
    3. Options / Settings
  4. Using the Gradebook
    1. Using Clickers
      1. Downloading the Roster
      2. Editing and Grading Sessions
      3. Sending Grades to Canvas
    2. Reports


It is recommended that you send students instructions on how to register their iClicker device and their iClicker student mobile app. When students don't register their device properly, their registration does not synchronize to their name and they won't get their points. Here is a link to the KB article about how student register their devices. iClicker Student mobile app registration instructions


Need additional help?

Please f ill out the iClicker webform with as much detail as possible or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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