Broadcast reliant devices and the UNH Network

Many devices designed to be used on home or small office networks will have difficulties functioning on and enterprise network like the one at UNH. The reason for this is because they rely on various forms of broadcast traffic to advertise their presence to potential client computers. An enterprise network just cannot allow uncontrolled broadcast traffic because it severely congests the network when generated from as many devices as a UNH network hosts. UNH uses Aruba's "AirGroup" technology for this purpose. If you are trying to communicate from one device to another and cannot "see" that device, you may need to configure your AirGroup settings. For more information, go here.

Some of the more common examples of these types of devices are wireless printers and AppleTVs. Both devices rely on making themselves known to neighboring computers by broadcasting their presence on the network.

Sometimes this issues can be worked-around by the client computer if the software in question will allow you to specify an IP address (or an FQDN) to which to connect. Short of that, AirGroup is the best mechanism we have at this time.

In order to avoid a situation where a device you purchase is not usable on campus, verify with your vendor that the device does not require any sort of broadcast or advertising traffic to be visible to clients.


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