E-mail Aliases for UNH.EDU

For Faculty/Staff: 

To request or make a change to your E-mail alias i.e. Firstname.Lastname@unh.edu fill out this form Faculty & Staff Email (Exchange)

You MUST visit HR to make changes to your preferred name, if you do not your display name will revert to the name on file in HR.

For Alias changes in the @unh.edu, @law.unh.edu, @granite.edu, or @usnh.edu, please use the form at  by clicking the "Request Service" button and choose "Change my email Address" from the "Request Type" dropdown menu. 

For Students:

If you wish to change your preferred name you need to visit webcat.unh.edu or https://www.unh.edu/registrar/preferred-name

 Alias changes to email address are not available to students at this time.

For UNH Law and Grad Students:

UNH Law and Grad Students can request professional aliases here - https://td.unh.edu/TDClient/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=412

For Alumni:

For existing email forwarding alias holders, information about changing your Email forwarding alias can be found at: Alumni Email forwarding Alias Change Request

Distribution Lists - Department Aliases:

For Distribution list changes in the @unh.edu, @law.unh.edu, @granite.edu, or @usnh.edu, please use the form at Faculty & Staff Email (Exchange) by clicking the "Request Service" button and choose "Distribution List Creation/Modification" from the "Request Type" dropdown menu.

To see access and manage the distribution lists that you own, follow the instructions provided at How to Access and Manage Distribution Lists.

Need Help? See Accounts: How do I Get Help with an IT Accounts Problem



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