myCourses and Webcat - Resource Links for course Final Grade


This article provides a link to the registrar's website and their FAQ's as well as information about the myCourses grade passback.


Where do I submit final grades?

myCourses now offers a GradePass back tool that allows you to send your grades directly from myCourses grades area or you can still enter grades directly into WebCat. See below for more information.

  1. The latest information from the Registrar's Office can be found here:
  2. Academic Technology and the Registrar's Office has worked together to integrate final grade submission from myCourses grades area into Webcat. The functionality was first rolled out during the Spring 2017 semester. Read this article for additional information myCourses Grade Publishing to WebCat


Academic Technologies offers open sessions if you want to one-to-one assistance on using myCourses grade passback. Check the AT-Training calendar for upcoming sessions.


Need additional help?

Help is available by calling the UNH IT Hotline at (603) 862-4242 or fill out this myCourses webform with as much detail as possible.


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