Accounts: How Do I Request Email and myCourses Access for a New Faculty or Staff Member?

Basic access to UNH IT resources, which includes AD, Outlook Exchange Email, and myCourses (Canvas), is automatically provisioned for most new employees. This access should be available on the individual’s first or second day of employment.

If IT accounts are required BEFORE an employee's start date, an employee can request Early Access to accounts for a future employee by following these steps:

1. Log into the Accounts Management System with your UNH username and password. (Note: Do Not Use Internet Explorer).
2. Click the green Add button
3. Click the New Hire Early Access Request link
4. Complete the request form and confirm your request.
5. The new employee user will receive an email notification when their access is available.

Need help? See Accounts: How do I Get Help with an IT Accounts Problem


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Fri 7/19/19 5:33 PM
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