Course Software Installations


This article describes the course software installation procedure for computing clusters.  Every spring we recommended faculty and staff request software needed for the upcoming fall/spring semester to ensure the software is ready for usage.

Course Software Installations

The CLM staff install and maintain all of the software for the public Student Computing Clusters, Hands-on Classrooms, and SuperTEC classrooms as well as various department-owned labs that we manage. In addition to actually installing requested programs, we also will consult with faculty members trying to select the best software for use in their courses. If you wish to discuss a planned purchase of software for use in a course, we can provide you with much expertise in selecting applications which will meet your teaching goals and our technological requirements. Please contact  Chris Pycko, Computer Lab Management, at 862-0037 for more information as to how we may help you.

Faculty can request that software be installed via our  Software Request Form.  Login with your UNH username and password when prompted.

Full details and procedures are outlined on the form, but in general, please note that:

  • Software requests should be placed at least 2 weeks in advance of needing the software. (3 weeks for non-academic groups.)
  • Faculty are responsible for properly licensing the software and providing all necessary materials and information to ACS.
  • Instructors should plan to test the software after it is installed and in advance of providing students access or assignments.
  • There are fees for non-academic groups using the Clusters or classrooms for both room use and software installation.


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