Configuring Windows to print to the Student Computing Cluster printing system


This article walks Windows users through how to print to the student computing cluster printing system instead of using the Web Print service.

Consider Web Print First

While the instructions below do work, we recommend for most users to use the Web Print service instead. Web Print allows easy printing of Office documents, PDFs, and more without having to setup printer drivers and other configurations on your own computer.

Please visit to use Web Print.

General Information

The printers in the Clusters, Libraries, and elsewhere on campus are available for anyone who would like to use them. We encourage students, especially laptop users, to setup queues to the Clusters printers so that you can easily print out your work and pick it up wherever you are around campus. If you print from your computer to the Clusters print queue, your print job will appear on the print station computers around campus. See the exact locations below. Simply select your job, pay for it, and it will print out wherever you are.

Note that you must pay for your print job within 2 hours of submitting it to the queue, or it will be deleted automatically.

Assistance with setting up the queues, printing, or retrieving your jobs is available from the AT Support Center in Dimond Library.

Setup and Use Instructions for Windows

Adding the Clusters Queue

To print from the Windows computers, you must be on a wired UNH Ethernet connection or you must have a secure UNH wireless network connection. For a wired connection, there is nothing special to do. Just have your Ethernet cable be plugged in. For a wireless connection, you must either use the "UNH-Secure" wireless network or the UNH VPN service. You can also print from off-campus if connected to UNH VPN service.

These conditions apply both for when you setup the printer queues and for every time that you print!

  1. Select the Run prompt from the Start Menu.
  2. In the Run dialog, enter the path \\\clusters to connect to and configure the black-and-white printing queue. Click OK to proceed.
  3. If you are prompted for a username and password, enter guest as the username and leave the password field blank.
  4. Wait for Windows to install the driver and configure the queue.
  5. If you also wish to use color printing, repeat the process, but enter the path \\\clusters_color to connect to and configure the color queue.

Your new print queues are ready for your use. If you want to set one to be your default printer, then from the Printer menu of the window for that queue, select Set as Default Printer .

Using the Clusters Queue

When you are ready to print a document, first make sure you have an appropriate network connection! You must either be using a wired connection plugged into a UNH Ethernet port in a Library, dorm, Cluster, or other location. For wireless networking, you must either use the "UNH-Secure" wireless network or the UNH VPN service. You can also print from off-campus if connected to UNH VPN service. Keep in mind the 2 hour limit to retrieve your printout.

When you select the Print command. Then, make sure the Clusters queue is selected in the print dialog box to print in black-and-white or select the Clusters_Color for color output.

Printer Locations

You can find the current list of locations were you can access the Clusters queues in the Web Print Service for laptops, tablets, and phones - .


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