Giving a Delegate Editable Access to my Calendar using Outlook on the Web

  1. Open your preferred browser and go to Outlook on the Web

  2. In the top right corner of the browser window, select the app launcher. Outlook App Launcher

  3. Click "All Apps" and open Calendar from the menu options

  4. Select your calendar, then choose Share at the top of the page.

  5. Enter the name of the person whom you want to be able to edit the calendar.

  6. Next to their name will be permissions and a dropdown menu. Click the drop down menu and choose Can Edit

To remove Delegate Access:

  1. Follow instructions above to number 4

  2. Click the trash next to the view options menu to remove access.

Note: When you give a delegate the permissions to accept meetings on their behalf, this also allows that user to send email on their behalf. Please use this permission accordingly.


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