Salesforce Markting Cloud: Image Size


The Salesforce marketing Cloud accepts the following image types:


  • .bmp    .gif    .jpeg    .jpg    .png    .tif    .tiff    .vsd
  • Images need to be 3MB or smaller
  • Images should not exceed 768px wide.  The standard templates within SFMC will except larger but will scale off the page when sent. It is not recommended to use images wider than 768px
  • If adding images side by side in an email, you would want to cut the width of the images in 1/2 so images should not exceed 380px wide if side by side
  • Ensure your image is large enough to scale and not become pixelated (in computer graphics and digital photography, to cause (an image) to break up into pixels, as by overenlarging the image)

When viewing emails in an Outlook client, Outlook does not recognize the scale to fit style and shows the image in the actual size attributes .  This typically only happens on PCs, Macs generally work well.  Images usually display fine in Outlook on the Web (Outlook Web Access - OWA) and mobile. 

Users should exercise caution when testing as images may look great in the preview online and when checked on the mobile device, but do not scale correctly because the user did not pay attention to the image size. Its always best to properly size the image before adding it as content to your email.

Need additional help?

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