WebI: Document Prompt Summary Webpage Not Found Error

When creating a report with prompts in the HTML Design mode using Internet Explorer, when you try to add the predefined Document Prompt Summary from the Report Elements a "webpage cannot be found" error is returned. In Firefox and Chrome a spinning circle is returned.

HTML Design Mode with IE, Firefox, and Chrome.

Report Creators can recreate this issue HTML Design Mode:
Step 1: Create a report with a prompt. Refresh report.
Step 2: In the HTML Design mode, navigate to Report Elements->Cell->Predefined->Prompt
Step 3: Select the prompt below "Prompt Summary"
Step 4: Click in the body of the report to add the predefined cell. You will see the "webpage cannot be found" error in IE and a spinning circle in Firefox or Chrome.
Step 5: Click the browser’s back button and you are returned to the report.

1) To exit the error, click the browser’s back button, It will return you to the report without losing our work.
2) To create your own Document Prompt Summary:
a) Go to Report Elements, Cell, Blank Cell.
b) Type the function: =UserResponse("prompt text"), where "prompt text" is the prompt text from the query builder.
3) To use the predefined Document Prompt Summary, you will have to switch to the Java Applet. See the Knowledge Base Article Why and how does a Report Creator use the Java Applet tool? for more information.

This issue has been reported to SAP.

*Need help?*
If you need help please contact the EIM team at https://td.unh.edu/TDClient/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=142, or by calling the IT Service Desk at 862-4242.


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