Giving a Delegate Editable Access to a Calendar in Outlook Desktop App

Note: When you give a delegate the permissions to accept meetings on their behalf, this also allows that user to send email on their behalf. Please use this permission accordingly.


  1. Click the File tab.

    Delegate Editable Access to my Calendar

  2. Click Account Settings , and then click Delegate Access .

    Delegate Editable Access Select Users

  3. Click the name of the delegate for whom you want to change permissions, then click Permissions .

  4. To change calendar permissions specifically, click on the Calendar drop down and select editor.

    Delegate Editable Access Select Permission

  5. To send a message to notify the delegate of the changed permissions, select the Automatically send a message to delegate summarizing these permissions check box.


  1. Select the calendar icon in the bottom left.

    Delegate Editable Access Select Users Mac

  2. In the navigation pane, click the calendar that you want to change.

  3. In the Organize tab, in Calendar, click Calendar Permissions.

    Delegate Editable Access Calendar Permissions App

  4. Click the name of the person for which you want to change the permissions.

  5. In the Permission Level list, choose the access level that you want. Individual permission levels are automatically filled in below based on your selection in the list.

    Delegate Editable Access Calendar Permissions



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