EAB: Navigate - Editing a Scheduled Appointment

Task: This article will focus on editing appointment details after it has been created.  This may include changing a location, changing an advisor or time slot. 


  1. From the user's home screen click into the Appointments tab
  2. Find the appointment in question, then click Details to the right
  3. Once the Details screen opens, select " Edit " in the upper right of that dialog
  4. In the appointment, the user can change any of the information required.  They can add comments, change a location, time or advisor. 
    1. To change the advisor, under Select An Organizer, you can remove yourself by clicking the " X "
  5. Then select another advisor from the list.  
    1. NOTE : Be aware that the other (new) advisor would need to have availability set up and an open time slot in order to make all of this happen without issue.


Users should be able to edit appointment details after it has been created.


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