Network Access For Guests

General network access is available to guests of the University via both wired and wireless connections.  There are limitations to where wired connections are available, and not all wired connections will allow for guest access. Guest users must agree to and abide by the UNH Acceptable Use Policy.

1. Connect to the UNH-Public wireless network and browse to

2. Check the box to accept the UNH Acceptable Use Policy and click Start.


3. Select Guests.


4. You may choose to authenticate using your social media account (e.g. Gmail, Facebook) or enter your information via Other (access may be restricted).


5. If you select social authentication, you will be prompted to choose your preferred authentication source which will redirect you to the selected authentication page. After a successful authentication, you will be redirected back to the Cloudpath Web page. Follow the instructions to download and run the applet to connect to UNH-Secure.


6. If you select the "Other" guest option, enter your information.


7. Once registration is complete, guests will have access to UNH-Public for Web and VPN traffic only.


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